Kashier SCAN2PAY

Spend less time in line

With Kashier Scan2Pay, customers can spend less time waiting to purchase goods and more time enjoying their purchases. Scan2Pay is a QR code payment system that streamlines checkouts with multiple installment programs.

Innovative payment method for high ticket items

Scan2Pay is a creative and innovative payment method for merchants to offer to their in-store customers, the fastest and easiest digital payment method to purchase high ticket items through multiple installment programs. Customers just use their mobile phones to scan the store QR code, which opens the Kashier Payment interface offering multiple payment options from credit cards to installments programs. It is convenient, fast, secure and very easy to use.

A new way to shop

Scan2Pay is the next generation of in-store payment.

Accelerate your checkout process and get back to what you're good at—selling more.

With Scan2Pay, you can take credit card payments and offer customers an installment plan within seconds. What are you waiting for?

QR Codes for Payments

With Scan2Pay, merchants can offer convenient payments to customers across their industries.

QR codes are increasingly pervasive and a simple way to deliver digital payments with Kashier Payment Solutions.

Streamline your cash

Paying high value payments in installments is a great way to maintain cash flow.

Scan2Pay makes it easy to accept high-value payments on the spot and pay them off over time with no credit checks necessary.

Scan2Pay is your fast and easy instore payment method

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