The shared success

Kashier provides marketplace growth payment solution that enables you to deploy new sales and marketing strategies such as personalization, cross-promotion and upselling.

The missing link in your revenue share business

Kashier's Marketplace Platform delivers value to marketplaces and platforms that employ a revenue share business model by providing the last piece of their revenue share puzzle - an easy-to-integrate payment solution that works with any popular payment processor.

Increase profits for your business

Marketplace is a growth payment solution that drives more sales to your business and more revenue to your partners.

With Kashier, marketplaces and platforms can increase their attractiveness across all partners while benefitting from increased profits.

Increase trust between buyers and sellers

Marketplace empowers you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers by ensuring they get their items when they need them.

Marketplace is designed to create trust and increase satisfaction between buyers and sellers.

Lets you focus on what matters

All the tedious operations and complicated accounting are handled by Kashier with automated workflows.

Leave the operations to Kashier so you can focus on what matters most: your business vision.

Marketplace is the future of payment

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