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How to Improve your website’s bounce rate

Bounce Rate

April 5, 2020

E-commerce websites’ biggest concern is usually the bounce rate, it’s when your customer decides that your website is not really for him and makes the decision to leave. In other terms it’s when a user visits the website and slips away without interacting further with it resulting in a one page view per session only. 

But why are your customers bouncing off? 

The problem can either be one of 3 things: 

1-Your website has a UX/UI problem; whether those are broken links, slow loading speed or poor design 

2-You’re putting irrelevant information online which can be caused by broken backlinks 

3-or you’re simply attracting the wrong audience either intentionally through click bating or unintentionally through your ads effort. 

The main problem is of course, the higher the bounce rate, the lower the conversions which ultimately means less revenue. 

One great way to tackle the bounce rate problem aside from optimizing your website’s SEO is personalized marketing. Which means developing a customized experience for every individual. It’s not really as hard as it sounds, here are some of the techniques your ecommerce website can include: 

1- Checking your browsing history and shopping cart 

If a customer checks a product on your website or leaves a product in his shopping cart, he’s more than likely to get back to it again and giving him a quick shortcut to get there through his account is a great way to up your sales. 

2- Cross Selling 

According to hubspot, cross-selling is encouraging the purchase of anything in conjunction with the primary product. So for example if your customer is buying an office desk he might also be interested in buying a comfortable chair 

3- Exit Intent triggers 

According to Sleeknote, an exit-intent offer can be displayed when a visitor is about to click the exit button. 

When you use exit-intent popup in your checkout, there are two main purposes to choose from: 

a- Turning abandoning visitors into email leads; or 

b- Getting them to complete their purchase 

Remember, the bounce rate can be tackled with various means and this is just one of them and doesn’t take away from the other various important tactics your strategy should include and testing your website constantly to make sure it’s performing well and user friendly should always be at the core of your business.