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The Online Payment Processing Revolution: Is Your Hotel Ready?


April 5, 2020

Travellers value two things above all else: security and convenience. 

In the past, these two things were provided by hotels through physical means such as security employees, attentive service, and ergonomic designs. These are all still crucial aspects to any hotel’s success in keeping their patrons happy. However, recent technology has added a multitude of ways to add more security and convenience to their clients’ stays. 

From ‘smart’ rooms filled with mobile-controllable appliances to seamless online transactions, hotel guests are becoming more and more demanding in regards to the level of service they expect to receive at hotels. 

Online payment processing systems are constantly becoming more advanced with improvements to accuracy, timing, and ease of use. Meanwhile, more and more hotels are opting to integrate online payment processing solutions to their online booking systems as it comes with many benefits. 

Benefits from hoteliers’ perspective: 

● Increased accuracy in the anticipation of the number of guests with reservations. 

● Overall increased number of direct bookings due to the seamless nature of the booking and payment process. 

● Decreased number of chargebacks. 

● Compliance with PCI Security Standards. 

● Paperless transactions are environmentally-friendly, which resonates with many guests. 

● The option to charge non refundable bookings online without the need to take the card details over the phone which most customers are uncomfortable with. 

Benefits from guests’ perspective: 

● Improved convenience during booking due to the ease of submitting payment. 

● An added sense of security due to compliance with security standards. 

● Improved convenience during their stay as they do not have to worry about payment at the end of their stay. Everything is already taken care of. 

● Paperless transactions are environmentally friendly, as well as more convenient. 

● Hotels that don’t have online payment options may be seen as less professional and trustworthy.