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Kashier; a cashless gateway for your travel agency


April 5, 2020

So are you a member of a travel company or tour operator looking for a more efficient way for cash flow? Have your customers complained to you before about having to come all the way to your office to drop a deposit or make a full payment? You’re not alone and you’re in luck. 

The travel industry is one of the industries that have adopted cashless payments for over a decade now and while that is the case in many of the bigger organizations, the smaller ones are yet to follow in their footsteps. One of the ways to achieve this is through a payment gateway. 

But what are payment gateways you ask? 

A payment gateway authorizes online payments. It acts as a middle man between the customer’s bank and the merchant’s bank and authorizes the transfer of those funds instantly and securely. And Kashier allows your agency to accept electronic payments, issue refunds, charge installments, send invoices and track your payments from the comfort of your dashboard. 

Why is Kashier as payment gateway crucial for your travel agency? 

Consider this, if a customer has to pick up the phone and manually give you the card details or drive all the way to your office to make a booking like it’s still the 1990s, they’ll move to the next provider that allows them to book with a few clicks and nowadays there are over 50 different apps that do just that. 

Benefits of signing up with Kashier 

● Rather than making a reservation and then having to wait for the customer to make a payment either by bank deposit or through a mobile wallet, the whole process can be finalized at the same time. You can also offer discounts for travelers who choose this method of payment to encourage a better sustainable flow of cash to your business. 

● If your website is not ready you can still charge customers online, just make a reservation over the phone or by email as usual but when it comes to charging the traveler just go ahead and send a link from your dashboard to the customer’s phone either by an email or SMS and they just need to manually put in the card details safely and securely. We also accept various payments options. 

● One main issue that is always brought up when it comes to online payments is safety. Kashier is PCI-DSS level 1 complaint which means that your customers’ payments are secure with us. 

● Connect your online and offline channels in one dashboard and monitor all payments, refunds, installments and outstanding amounts on the go. 

The process is easier than you think but will have a huge impact on your sales and your business as a whole as credible travel supplier. So why don’t you contact our sales team and they’ll tell you exactly what documents they need from you to get started. Still not convinced? Try out the service yourself for free and you won’t regret it.