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What is a customer experience CX ?


April 23, 2020

Normally referred to as CX, it's the sum up of all interactions between customers and your brand which leads to a certain impression or perception that lasts. 

As humans, we can easily spot the negatives, point it out and shed light on it because we expect the best out of every interaction which in turn makes a negative impression extremely difficult to overcome and a great one difficult to offer. 

We can all agree on a negative experience, we’ve all experienced one, whether it was a cold food delivery, a rude usher, a difficult to navigate website or a crazy cab driver. See how easy it was to point them out. But can you actually point a great one out? Honestly nothing comes to mind but we can however point out some strategies that will help in providing one. 

1- Treat the customer with respect This is the most basic of them all however it is the most that is often overlooked. When dealing with an individual or a business, it’s important to understand that you’re dealing with a human on the other end. So instead of getting angry at a customer who entered your store just before closing or a client who’s asking a lot of questions about your product before buying or someone who’s yelling because he feels that your business is scamming him and isn’t willing to help, try to genuinely help him out. Customer service can make or break your business regardless how great your product is, so if you show your customers that you’re actually there to help them they’ll appreciate it. 

2- The customer is more than just business It’s fairly easy to spot a salesman from a distance so your customer knows when you’re helping him out, trying to sell him something extra to achieve your target or simply treating him like a walking pile of money without any regards for his experience. 

3- Its a 360 deal 

As a business, you use marketing to instill a certain brand image in your customer’s mind and with it you begin to highlight your USPs however arguably speaking, the biggest part of your marketing should be about solving a problem the customer is facing and using algorithms to tailor that experience per individual as more than 63% of consumers are annoyed by generic marketing. It doesn't stop there but also extends to call centre agents, store and office employees, your website and mobile app, delivery service and packaging, they’re all part of that experience. 

A great customer experience happens when there is the least possible friction. Again it’s easier to identify the bad scenarios so check this guide out and do your best to avoid these examples.