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Payment Gateways Offer a Range of Payment Solutions to The Hotel and Tourism Industry

Business Growth

August 30, 2022

The hotel and tourism sector is a multi-billion-dollar industry with an increasing demand for online bookings and payment solutions. Given that above 82% of travelers end up making their booking online. So in order to make the most of this opportunity, many hotels have begun to offer their services online, so that travelers can easily browse and book directly from their website. This has in turn led to an increase in online transactions for hotels and other related businesses, but there are still some security challenges involved when processing payments. To process payments securely and enable as many payment options as possible, many hotels are using a payment gateway service. Payment gateway services allow users to securely store card information, process payments securely, accept different types of payment methods, and manage user accounts all from one centralized location.


Secure Hotel and Travel Payments

Hotels and travel websites are a target for online fraudsters.The best payment gateways have security systems embedded in their platform that are designed to combat cyber fraud. A payment gateway provides all of the necessary tools and features to accept online payments that include all levels of payment security. Payment gateways securely store credit card information, process payments, and support many different payment types.

Another important factor in securing your hotel and travel websites from fraudsters is ensuring a seamless & secure checkout process.

Benefits of Using a Payment Gateway for Hotels & Travel agencies

·      Seamless checkout process:

You won’t have to ask customers to provide information like the name, address, etc. You’ll simply be able to charge their card and have the payment processed, which will reduce the number of abandoned carts.

·      Increase in the conversion rate of hotel websites:

Integrating your website with a payment gateway will lead to more website conversions which will increase your online revenues

·      Convenient payment solutions:

Using the digital payment solutions offered by payment gateways will easily help you collect your money and provide a convenient e-commerce experience for your guests:
  • Accepting payments through different installment plans
  • Sending invoices through a payment link
  • Availing scan2pay acceptance service for easier payments & access to all hotel facilities (room service, spa & dining)
  • Creating product pages with seasonal trip offers or trip programs  

Integrating Hotel Websites & Booking Apps with Payment Gateways

Hotels’ websites and booking apps can be easily integrated with a payment gateway either through API system integration with channel property management or mob SDKs for apps. This integration will provide travelers with a seamless booking experience, which will enable them to easily plan their trips and securely book their desired rooms online, anywhere at any time from the comfort of their mobile device. Payment gateways will securely store customer credit card information, process payments, and also allow customers to select their preferred payment method.


Hotels are all about the experience. Hotels and other tourism businesses can better serve their customers by accepting online payments, and offer a seamless booking experience for travelers who want to be able to book and pay online at their comfort. Using a payment gateway ensures that all of the checkout process is smooth, simple, and secure. Choosing the right payment gateway will simplify your checkout process, increase your conversion rate, reduce abandoned carts, and help you get paid faster.